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Policies on in silico medicine are in their infancy. The Avicenna Alliance views early cooperation and harmonization of policies across borders to be of key importance to enabling the in silico market.

Too many policies have been developed across continents without any consultation with 3rd countries, the result being vastly differing Regulatory systems that pose obstacles for market development and unnecessary costs for all.

In order to avoid the need for retrospective harmonization, the Avicenna Alliance Working EU/US/Asia-Pacific Working Group will engage with colleagues and organisations in our field to ensure we achieve harmonization from the very beginning.

Avicenna Alliance news

EFGCP becomes an institutional member of the Avicenna Alliance!

This month, Avicenna Alliance is delighted to announce that the European Forum For Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP) officially joined the...

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Avicenna Alliance member VPH Institute at Europa Forum Lech 2017

Prof. Lies Geris, director of Virtual Physiological Human Institute and Avicenna Alliance Research Member, representing 50% of the...

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HMA/EMA will establish a Joint Big Data Task Force

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) along with the heads of national competent authorities in the European Economic Area (EEA), created a new task...

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