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Pharmaceutical Industry

Is the
current model fit for purpose?

These are symptoms of a decline of the pre-digital era model of medicinal product development. Our pharmaceutical industry members are those who are committed to moderninsing their product development to create safer and more effective medicinal products. 

Modernisation of the pharmaceutical industry requires a coresponding moderninsation of the way in which medicinal products are brought on to the market and the design of clinical trials. The Avicenna Alliance is working to promote modelling and simulation as a means of addressing the high cost of research and the uptake of in silico methods.

Avicenna Alliance news

The Avicenna Alliance discussed upcoming activities

The Avicenna Alliance board was convened by Secretary General Thierry Marchal on 23 March where board members around the world discussed the...

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Have you met your digital twin?

You can be introduced to this digital twin during a free webinar organised by Avicenna Member the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). During the webinar,...

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Don’t miss the deadline to submit abstracts to Virtual Physiological Human Conference on In Silico Medicine

The deadline for submitting abstracts for the Virtual Physiological Human Conference 2018...

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