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Professional Engineering magazine interviews Avicenna Alliance Secretary General

For its December 2016 issue, Professional Engineering, the magazine for the 110,000 members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers interviewed the Secretary General of the Avicenna Alliance, Dr. Adriano Henney. The article written by Tanya Blyke is entitled “The human’s digital twin” and also includes an interview with Paolo Colombo, marketing manager at the software company Ansys. In his interview, Dr Henney speaks about Predictive Medicine and the hope that one day it will be possible to create “human digital twins” to aid in the testing and development of medical devices and treatments.

With predictive medicine the medical sector is able to turn massive amounts of data into actionable information using computer models. Henney says that this could involve modelling small parts of the human body, such as the knee, to run simulations on chemical treatments for arthritis.

In the interview, Henney also mentions the collaboration between Ansys and the University of Sheffield which are using digital simulations based on coronary angiograms to carry out non-invasive assessments of where to put a stent in a patient’s body.

Dr. Henney also refers to using simulations to test new drugs and how this could help create more effective treatments before live clinical trials take place.

He acknowledges that whereas modelling and simulations might save the countries a lot of money, much work needs to be done to create legislation and standards for the use of simulation software in the medical sector.

Whereas the willingness to collaborate is there Dr. Henney calls on more action so that industry, government, academics and clinicians can make significant progress.

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