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  • Boston Scientific joins Avicenna Alliance

    As further evidence of the Alliance’s growing momentum, Avicenna Alliance is happy to announce the newest addition to its list of members: Boston Scientific.


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  • Avicenna Alliance’s Secretary General to speak at Materialise World Summit 2017

    On the 20 and 21 April 2017 the Materialise World Summit (MWS) will take place, a two-day event which brings together stakeholders from various businesses and industries.


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  • Avicenna Alliance –Review 2016

    A look back at the year 2016 reveals that it has been a very successful first year for the Avicenna Alliance.


EMA Regulation Vote result – major gains for in silico

On 10 March 2016 the European Parliament through an overwhelming majority, voted in favour of requiring the EMA to take into account alternative...

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EMA PRIME scheme – room for improvement

On 07 March 2016, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) launched their new Priority Medicines Scheme (PRIME) which aims to accelerate assessment of innovative...

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Over the Horizon 2020

Ignoring the painfully unimaginative title of this article and getting to substance, the planning for the successor to Horizon 2020 is to start soon. This is no small task and...

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Avicenna Alliance proclaims victory in EMA Regulation

The Avicenna Alliance, can claim a major victory in the revised EMA Regulation with the introduction of new text supporting modelling and...

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EMA Regulation amendments call for framework for in silico

Amendments calling for the creation of a framework for in silico medicine have been tabled by MEP Martin Häusling (Greens/EFA, Germany) to...

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US Legislature says FDA should use in silico methods

In an unprecedented victory for the in silico community in the US Congress has put forward a bill that “urges FDA to engage with device and drug...

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