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    at the European Parliament

    At the invitation of the European Parliament, Avicenna Alliance's leaders supported by senior people from FDA, ANSYS, Medtronic, CIPLA, VPHi, EFGCP and RPP, have explained to delegations from Europe, USA, India and Japan the central role played by in silico healthcare to accelerate medical innovation.

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Avicenna Alliance news

Avicenna Alliance returns to the BMES/FDA Conference and the US Congress

Following the resounding success of the Avicenna Alliance mission to the US in 2017, the Alliance is returning in 2019 to the...

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Resignation of FDA Commissioner Gottlieb – a note of Marco Viceconti

We have read this morning that Scott Gottlieb, US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, will leave the job at the end of the...

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Avicenna Alliance continues to grow by welcoming VCLS among its members

The Avicenna Alliance is happy to welcome its newest member: Voisin Consulting Life Sciences.

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Avicenna Alliance the Association for Predictive Medicine

The Avicenna Alliance, is an association of industry and renowned academia/healthcare organizations who have a commercial or research interest in the development of in silico medicine. The Association, established in 2015, has its origins in the Virtual Physiological Human Initiative, a European Commission endorsed research area on computer modeling and simulation. Tasked by the European Commission with developing a “Roadmap for in silico medicine”, the Association now seeks to put this roadmap into policy and ensure the development of a regulated in silico market.

This Association bridges the gap between the scientific community, industry and policy makers by advocating for policy changes that take into account scientific and market developments.

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Avicenna Alliance: 
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