Cécile Rousseau

Leader of the In Silico Application Working Group

VCLS, Senior Director, Nonclinical


As Senior Director in the Regulatory Nonclinical / Clinical group at VCLS, Dr. Cécile Rousseau brings more than 15 years of experience in the biotech industry. At VCLS, Cécile is responsible for working closely with clients in the management of complex projects involving cell, gene and tissue-based medicinal products (“ATMPs”), medical devices, combination products, in vitro diagnostics and microbiome products, from nonclinical to clinical phases, in both Europe and the US. Dr. Cécile Rousseau is also the Leader of the Avicenna In Silico Application (ISA) Working Group representative and active contributor to the Avicenna Alliance Policy Development Working Group (including Notified Bodies Task force, Good Simulation Practice (GSP) Task Force, EMA/VPHi/AA Task Force, Pharmaceutical Strategy Task Force and Public & Patient Involvement Task Force), the International Working Group (including Global Harmonization Task Force), and the Research Technology Working Group within the Alliance. Cécile leads the VCLS In Silico Task Force and actively supports VCLS's activities around in silico medicine by preparing regulatory and technical briefing packages including digital evidence for interactions with both FDA and EMA. VCLS received the TOPRA Innovation Award 2021 for the in silico activities that Cécile has been undertaking on behalf of VCLS and the Avicenna Alliance.


Cyrille Thinnes

Chair of the Public & Patient Involvement Task Force

National University of Ireland, Galway NUI Galway


Cyrille Thinnes is a co-chair of the Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) taskforce of the Avicenna Alliance Policy Development working group. Currently based at the National University of Ireland, Galway, he is the Engagement Manager for the Virtual Metabolic Human (VMH) where he strives to accelerate Digital Health research outcome into societal benefit through systematic stakeholder involvement. He designed and leads Virtuome, the fully virtual VMH flagship undergraduate summer research programme in Digital Health with Engaged Research as a core pillar, now counting 56 alumni in 2 years from all across Ireland and 513 community contributors in summer 2021 alone. Cyrille is also a member of the School of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences Civic Engagement Committee, the national PPI Ignite network working group on establishing PPI in the lab-based environment, and an academic mentor for the Irish University of Sanctuary network. Cyrille holds a doctorate in Chemical Biology from the University of Oxford and an Executive MBA from NUI Galway and has worked in Ireland, the UK, the USA, and Luxembourg.


Emmanuelle Voisin

Leader of the In Silico Application Working Group

VCLS, Founder & CEO

Dr. Emmanuelle Voisin founded Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS) in 1997. The firm has become a leading advisor to Biotech, Pharma and Medtech manufacturers for the development, registration and launch of innovative medical technologies across international Advis.

Dr. Emmanuelle Voisin has a particular interest in the in silico clinical development leading to expedited approval of drugs and biologics. Emmanuelle also provides strategic advice for interacting with FDA and EMA. She participates in due diligences and negotiations for licensing and acquisitions.

Emmanuelle holds a pharmacy degree and was a Resident in the Paris Hospital Authorities (Ancien Interne des Hôpitaux de Paris). She published a number of articles in international peer-reviewed journals, covering various scientific and regulatory aspects of innovative drug development, as well as global challenges of the biotechnology industry.

Emmanuelle is a member of the Avicenna Alliance and co-leads the In Silico Application (ISA) Working Group of the Alliance, together with Cécile Rousseau. She is a member of organisations of professionals in Regulatory (Eucope, TOPRA, RAPS, DIA,…), as well as an active member of France Biotech and other industry associations.

She is a member of the Advisory Board of the Swiss-based biopharmaceutical company, leader in Alzheimer’s disease, AC Immune. Dr Voisin is also on the Board of Endodiag, developing an innovative diagnostic for endometriosis.

Dr. Voisin is regularly invited as a key expert speaker at international conferences.


Liesbet Geris

Leader of the Research & Technology Working Group

VPHi Director


Liesbet Geris is Research Professor in Biomechanics and Computational Tissue Engineering at the University of Liège and KU Leuven in Belgium. Her research focusses on the multi-scale and multi-physics modeling of biological processes. Together with her team and their clinical and industrial collaborators, she uses these models to investigate the etiology of non-healing fractures, to design in silico potential cell-based treatment strategies and to optimize manufacturing processes of these tissue engineering constructs. Liesbet is scientific coordinator of the Prometheus platform for Skeletal Tissue Engineering (50+ researchers). She has edited several books on computational modeling and tissue engineering. She has received 2 prestigious ERC grants (starting in 2011 and consolidator in 2017) to finance her research and has received a number of young investigator and research awards from the in silico and regenerative medicine communities. She is a former member and chair of the Young Academy of Belgium (Flanders) and member of the strategic alliance committee of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society. She is the current executive director of the Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPHi) and in that capacity she advocates the use of in silico modeling in healthcare through liaising with the clinical community, the European Commission and Parliament, regulatory agencies (EMA, FDA) and various other stakeholders. Besides her research work, she is often invited to give public lectures on the challenges of interdisciplinary in research, women in academia and digital healthcare.


Marc Horner

Chair of the Global Harmonization Task Force

Senior Principal Engineer at Ansys


Dr. Marc Horner is a Senior Principal Engineer leading technical initiatives for the healthcare industry at Ansys. Marc joined Ansys after earning his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University in 2001. Marc currently holds a number of industry leadership positions, with a focus on model credibility frameworks, regulatory science, and clinical applications. These include Vice Chair of the ASME V&V-40 Sub-Committee and Avicenna Alliance Global Harmonization Task Force Leader. Lastly, Marc is an Executive Committee Member of the IMAG/MSM Credible Practice of Modeling & Simulation in Healthcare project, which aims to establish a task-oriented collaborative platform that outlines credible practices of simulation-based medicine.


Martha De Cunha Maluf-Burgman

Leader of the Policy Development Working Group

Director Regulatory Affairs Digital at Edwards


Martha De Cunha is Mechanical Engineer with B. Political Sciences, MBAs in International Relations and Marketing Management (SUNY-USAL), and post-grade in (Tele) Communications Regulations, International, Institutional and Governmental affairs, Satellite regulations, and advocacy on Radiocommunications and wireless technologies, Telemedicine, eHealth, Artificial Intelligence, Interoperability and Cybersecurity, and in silico technologies. She is also innovator and inventor.

Currently she works for Edwards Lifesciences as Director Regulatory Affairs for EMEA, Canada and LATAM (EMEACLA). Martha represents Edwards in MedTech Europe, participating actively in its Digital Health Committee. Martha is a very active member of the Alliance and collaborate in different Working Groups and Task Forces. She is the Policy Development WG Leader, Co-Chair of the EMA Task Force and a member of the Avicenna Board.

Roberta Maggi

Avicenna Alliance Office Manager


In her role as Avicenna Alliance Office Manager, Roberta works closely with the Secretary General, the Treasurer and the Working Groups and Task Forces to ensure optimal organization of meetings and proper management of the various administrative tasks, web page and social media. She speaks 4 languages, Italian and Spanish as mother tongues and English and French fluently.

Roberta Maggi has a Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures by the University of Bergamo and a Master in HR Management. She also spent 1 year at the prestigious University of Deusto of San Sebastian.

Along her over than 20 years of experience as Executive Assistant and HR Manager, Roberta worked in different Companies and fields, including Administration, Sales and Marketing.



Steven Levine

Chair of the Public & Patient Involvement Task Force

Director of Virtual Human Modeling at Dassault Systèmes


Steven M. Levine, PhD is the Sr. Director of Virtual Human Modeling at Dassault Systèmes. Dr. Levine has more than 30 years of experience in the development of computational scientific and engineering tools and is the Founder / Executive Director of the Living Heart Project.

He oversees incubators for healthcare startup companies as well as Educational centers of excellence and serves on several company boards. Dr. Levine was elected into the College of Fellows in the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) and holds a PhD in Materials Science from Rutgers University. He began is career in health tech at the San Diego based startup Biosym that went public as Accelrys in 2004 and acquired by Dassault Sysèmes in 2014. Steve is also co-chair of the Avicenna Public & Patient Involvement Task Force.

Thierry Marchal

Secretary General, Avicenna Alliance

Program Director for Healthcare Solution, ANSYS, Inc.


As the Secretary General of the Avicenna Alliance, a global organization advocating for the regulation and exploitation of in silico technology, Thierry Marchal built his vision of Personal Digital Avatar through close collaborations with industrial innovators, academic leaders and regulatory authorities. Thierry is also the ANSYS Program Director for Healthcare Solutions leading the medical devices, pharmaceutical and biotech strategy of Ansys through the in silico and personalized medicine evolution.. In 2020, Thierry has been nominated as a member of the European Commission eHealth Stakeholder Group and a member of the EMA (European Medicine Agency) Stakeholders Group.


Avicenna Alliance news

Welcome to our new member MDsim!

We are delighted to welcome our new member MDsim!

MDsim is a health-tech start-up, based in Luxembourg, active in the In-Silico Medicine. 

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Mapping the use of computational modelling and simulation in clinics: A survey

Computational modelling and simulation (CM&S) can be used in medicine to mimic biological processes with the goal of...

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Nathalie Virag is the new Avicenna International Affairs Working Group Leader!

Nathalie Virag, Ph.D is a Distinguished Scientist at Medtronic Corporate Technology & Innovation. She has more than 25...

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Second release of Avicenna Glossary now available!

This Glossary is a second release with an extended list of definitions; more concepts will be defined and existing definitions may be adjusted in...

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We are delighted to welcome France Biotech as a new Avicenna Partner

Founded in 1997, France Biotech is an independent association, uniting the country’s leading innovative health companies and their...

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The potential of in silico approaches to streamline drug development

This position paper highlights the potential of in silico medicine, using computational modelling and simulation to aid drug...

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We will give the entire healthcare community an exhaustive update on recent progress and achievements related to the adoption and deployment of in silico method...

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Avicenna Alliance Observer at IMDRF meeting in Brussels

The Avicenna Alliance had received the honor to be invited as an Observer to the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) meeting...

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Avicenna Alliance meets with MEPs in Strasbourg

During the European Parliament’s plenary session that took place in the second week of March, Avicenna had the unique opportunity to visit the European...

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Welcome RBF Morph!

Welcome to our new member RBF Morph! Based in Monte Compatri, Rome, RBF is a pioneer and leader in mesh morphing, a key technology used in engineering simulation.

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Mimesis is a new Avicenna member!

We are truly delighted to welcome Mimesis as a new Avicenna member!

Mimesis is an innovative start-up, founded in 2020 as a spinoff of the University of Catania,...

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Shiny Martis is the new Pharmaceutical Strategy TF Co-Chair

We are delighted to welcome Shiny Martis as the new Pharmaceutical Strategy TF Co-Chair.

Shiny is Academic Partnership and Customer...

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Numalogics is a new Avicenna member

We are honored to welcome Numalogics as a new Avicenna’s member!
Numalogics is a Montréal-based privately held company priding itself on its world-class...

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Congratulations to our new Working Group Leaders!

We are delighted to welcome Cécile Rousseau and Martha De Cunha who have been elected as new Working Group Leaders of the Avicenna's 

In Silico... find out more ›

In Silico Application (ISA) Working Group

Digital evidence can and must be used for regulatory approval in all parts of the world. The Research & Technology Working Group has made huge progress,...

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Working Group Leaders elections

Our warmest congratulations to Liesbet Geris and Mark Palmer for their reappointment as Working Group Leaders of the Avicenna's Research & Technology Working Group and...

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We are delighted to welcome NumeriCor as a new Avicenna member!

NumeriCor is a leading cardiac electrophysiology and mechanics modelling company providing end-to-end simulation control. 

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Avicenna Alliance Glossary of Terms for Computer Modeling and Simulation

There are occasional confusions and diverging opinions possibly leading to misunderstanding in the use of some In Silico...

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A range of authors across academia and industry, representing both the Avicenna Alliance and the Virtual Physiological Human Institute,...

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Toward a regulatory pathway for Using in Silico Trials in CE Marking of Medical Devices


A team of researchers of the In Silico World project, including several key Avicenna Alliance members, led...

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Avicenna Alliance response to the ICHE11A Consultation

The Avicenna Alliance strongly supports and welcomes the ICH’s proposed goal of harmonizing methods and strategies for improved paediatric drug...

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Avicenna Alliance Feedback to the European Health Data Space Call for Feedback

The Avicenna Alliance welcomes the proposal for the EHDS. The Alliance is a multistakeholder group with the mission of...

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We are honored to welcome Zimmer Biomet as a new Avicenna’s member!

Zimmer Biomet is a global medical technology leader with a comprehensive portfolio designed to maximize mobility and improve...

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Avicenna Alliance Response to 2023 Stakeholders' Targeted Consultation on EU4Health

The Avicenna Alliance stressed the need for further support and guidance for digital evidence from in silico...

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New Avicenna APAC Task Force

A new Task Force joined the International Affairs Working Group!

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Cécile De Coster is the new Avicenna Pharmaceutical Strategy Task Force Co-chair

We are proud to welcome Cécile De Coster as the new Avicenna Pharmaceutical Strategy Task Force co-chair!

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Avicenna Alliance goes on growing by welcoming Edwards Lifesciences as a new member!

Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader of patient-focused innovations for structural heart disease and...

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Avicenna Alliance is honoured to welcome Alfasigma as a new member!

Privately owned, Alfasigma is one of the leading Italian pharmaceutical companies, present in over 90 countries, through...

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EU-funded project successfully develops AI software that grows and treats cancerous tumors 

The Horizon Europe 2020 project EVO-NANO (Evolvable platform for programmable nanoparticle-based cancer...

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In silico used to validate Omicron variant detection method! 

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has developed a new method to detect the Omicron variant of COVID-19, which differs in its nucleic acid...

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The priorities of the upcoming French Presidency of the Council of the European Union - what’s new for Avicenna? 

The French Presidency of the Council of the European Union is due to start on 1...

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New Avicenna UK Insilico Regulatory Innovation Task Force

The Avicenna International Affairs Working Group adds a new task force to its structure.

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In Silico in Innovation – again!

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has released its second wave of “start-up champions” to receive funding for innovations through the EIC Accelerator. The EIC...

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Avicenna Alliance meets with MEPs to discuss in silico medicine

On 7 October, Dr. Liesbet Geris (Research Professor in Biomechanics and Computational Tissue Engineering at the Universities of Liège &...

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The Joint Research Centre advocates for a “paradigm change” to in silico research methods!

For the second week in a row, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) – part of the European Commission’s EU Science...

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The European Commission Joint Research Centre publishes a public knowledge base of non-animal models used in immuno-oncology

The Joint Research Centre (JRC), which is part of the European...

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The State of the (European) Union

On 15 September, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivered her second State of the Union speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. She took stock of...

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The BECA Beat 

The European Parliament’s Special Committee on Beating Cancer (BECA) met for the first time in September of 2020. BECA was established to create actionable recommendations for Member...

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Avicenna Alliance prepares for the next EU policy session 

As September begins, politicians have returned to their EU posts and are preparing for what will be a busy few months for health policy. The...

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Joint Research Centre of the Commission launches report on national strategies for Artificial Intelligence!

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) recently published a new report...

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Conference of the Slovenian Council Presidency addresses digital twin technologies and digitalisation in healthcare!

On 15 and 16 July, the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union ...

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WHO issues first global report on use of AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in health innovation are rapidly increasing, reflecting the potential of these technologies to...

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Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU launches its six-month programme!

On 1 July, for the second time since joining the EU in 2004, Slovenia has taken over the Presidency of the Council of...

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Members of the European Parliament call EU Health Commissioner to place in silico medicine on her policy agenda from 2021 onwards!

On 22 June, a group of five Members of the European Parliament...

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Our new position paper on in silico evidence in the regulatory approval of medical devices is out!

The Avicenna Alliance is proud to announce the recent publication of its new position paper...

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Happy 5th Anniversary to the Avicenna Alliance!  

5 years ago, based on the very enlightening Avicenna Roadmap Project Report, the Avicenna Alliance was established at the suggestion of European...

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EU New Medical Device Regulation now in force! In silico mentioned for the first time

After a one-year postponement following the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Commission’s Medical Devices...

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The European Commission adopts Communication on Europe's global approach to cooperation in research and innovation

On 18 May, the European Commission adopted a Communication on its global approach...

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Avicenna Alliance provides feedback on the European Commissions’ roadmap for the revision of the EU general pharmaceuticals legislation

On 27 April, the Avicenna Alliance has submitted its feedback...

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