A range of authors across academia and industry, representing both the Avicenna Alliance and the Virtual Physiological Human Institute, have produced a new white paper on the potential of computer modelling and simulation in healthcare, with a particular focus on the role of Artificial Intelligence, that is intended to stimulate policy making, regulatory thinking and research strategies in this exciting space.

The past decade has produced overwhelming evidence about the importance of digital healthcare: well-defined clinical endpoints utilizing novel digital biomarkers can quantify the evolution of individuals’ health status; this approach will lead to predictive and prescriptive capabilities in many cases.  This white paper discusses the potential of #computer modelling and simulation in healthcare, generally referred to as “in silico medicine”, with a particular focus on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI).   

Using the generalised terms of "knowledge-driven models" and "data-driven models", this new paper offers a number of policy recommendations in making it clear that all healthcare stakeholders are required to participate in advancing in silico technologies. 

It is recognized that AI methods – as other in silico medicine technologies - are incredibly powerful. With a future focused on balanced regulation and intensive research, these methods can realize enormous potential in the global provision of healthcare. 



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