Avicenna Alliance founding Sec Gen leaves legacy of policy success


As the Avicenna Alliance enters its 3rd year of operation in 2018, it brings with it a change in management and a huge upscaling of activities. Dr Adrianno Henney concluded his successful 2 years mandate on January 12 by welcoming the new elected Secretary General Thierry Marchal.

With the 2-year mandate of Dr. Adriano Henney having come to a close there are a great number of achievements to look back on that demonstrate both personal success of the Alliance’s first Sec Gen and also the political support for the topic of in silico.

Under Dr. Henney’s leadership, in just 2 years the Alliance has gone from nothing more than a small group of likeminded people to a functioning non-profit Association with ever growing industry membership, an expanding research base and clear regulatory and political successes.

At the Avicenna Alliance, we would like to look at some of the main achievements of the Alliance under Dr. Henney’s 2-year tenure.

Medical Devices, Pharma, Software industries and research working together

Industry, researchers and society cannot take full advantage of computer modelling and simulation so long as policy makers maintain the policies of a pre-in silico era. This was the founding tenet that brought all actors in computer modelling and simulation together at one table under the banner of Avicenna. Having devices, pharma and researchers join together for the first time to specifically address challenges to the in-silico market was the first, most necessary success of all and laid the foundation for the Alliance structure.

Signing Memorandum of Understanding with FDA

Few non-profits can boast a formal relationship with the FDA but 2017 saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the FDA to work together on progressive policies on in silico medicine across borders.

Avicenna visit to US Senate

Too often primary policy makers in different regulatory systems work independently in their own Parliaments without examining what their colleagues in different countries have been active on. The Avicenna Alliance is designed to be an international policy and regulatory forum for discussion on computer modelling and simulation. Avicenna’s management of a delegation to present at the US Senate demonstrated political appetite for this service in facilitating international policy dialogue with global industries and research organizations.

In silico medicine introduced to key legislation for the 1st time

The Medical Devices Regulation and the EMA Regulation represented arguably the biggest overhaul of EU healthcare policy in the last 10 years. Policy makers heeded the advice of the Avicenna Alliance and in both texts, introduced language on modelling and simulation that paves the way for a significant and much needed modernization of healthcare and created a springboard for Avicenna Alliance activities in 2018.

Increased funding for in silico in Horizon 2020

The researcher base has always been at the heart of Avicenna representing a non-diminishable 50% board membership. With the increased political weight of Avicenna bringing policy solutions for societal challenges, the Commission accepted the need to increase the number of calls on in silico medicine to continue groundbreaking research in this field.

All of this and more has been possible under Dr. Henney’s tenure as Secretary General and lays down the gauntlet for his successor for the next 2 years.

“It has been a huge privilege to lead the creation and establishment of the Avicenna Alliance, and I am particularly proud of all that the team has achieved in such a short time.” Said Dr. Henney. “With the firm foundations laid, the task now is to build on those successes, grow the organization and continue to influence in all quarters, raising the profile of the Alliance and, ultimately, establishing in silico medicine in the mainstream of healthcare. This is the agenda for the new Secretary General, and I am delighted that my friend and colleague Thierry Marchal has been elected to succeed me. I wish him every possible success, and look forward to watching the next phase in the Alliance’s evolution under his stewardship.”

A huge thank you to Dr. Adriano Henney and welcome to Thierry Marchal as the new Secretary General of the Avicenna Alliance for 2018-2020.

More to follow on the vision of our new Secretary General and what 2018 holds for the Avicenna Alliance and for the future of in silico medicine!

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