Avicenna Alliance in one year


Avicenna Alliance is proud to present its brochure showing the main achievements of the Alliance in one year.

Among the main achievements is the very successful visit to Washington which took place 15-18 May, where the Avicenna Alliance delegation was invited for a full day meeting with FDA officials that culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with their Chief Scientist, formalising the Alliance’s partnership on in silico medicine. The Avicenna Alliance also had the honour to have received an invitation to Capitol Hill for meetings with Senator Thad Cochran, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee that oversees the FDA, and his team, after which we reached an agreement to maintain open communication to help align relevant policies on in silico as they evolve.

The Avicenna Alliance in one year brochure highlights the main achievements of the Alliance over the past year and gives an outlook of the many achievements yet to come!

You can find the brochure here.

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