Avicenna Alliance sent letter to Australian Minister Andrews


On 28 October, the Avicenna Alliance sent a letter to the Australian Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews MP asking to contribute to international discussions on how to ensure that computer modelling and simulation (CM&S) can help enable the healthcare sector to improve patient safety.

Today the issue is not that rules are too strict or too loose, the problem is there are no rules at all. The Avicenna Alliance is advocating globally for a policy framework that can enable in silico medicine in a manner that can raise safety standards in clinical trials, improve the lives of rare disease patients and reduce costs to researchers.

In previous decades guidance has been provided for Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Distribution Practices. Today, Members of the Avicenna Alliance are in need of “Good Simulation Practices”.

The letter sent by Thierry Marchal, Secretary General of the Avicenna Alliance is enquiring as to whether Minister Andrews would lend her support to raising the issue at the international level so that Good Simulation Practises can help enable the healthcare sector, save taxpayer money and improve patient safety.

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