Avicenna present at the European Research & Innovation Days


The European Research and Innovation days was a three-day event in Brussels, during which researchers, academics, businesses, decision-makers and parliament representatives from Europe and beyond took part in a co-design process to shape the priorities and strategic plan for the first four years of Horizon Europe, due to start in 2021.

The Avicenna Alliance and the VPH Institute were both well represented at the European Research and Innovation Days on 26 September. In the time of one morning, we had the chance to meet with several staff member of European Commission's DG Research & Innovation (DG RTD) who were genuinely interested in helping to put in silico forward in Horizon Europe, the next research and innovation programme.

Also on other policy sides, the Commission staff was willing to help the Avicenna Alliance and VPH Institute to get in contact with the right persons regarding the use of CM&S for paediatrics, orphan medicinal products and the implementation of the medical devices regulation.

This research and innovation days were a perfect opportunity for the Avicenna Alliance and VPH Institute to show their interest in the next R&I programme of the EU and to explain to EU policy makers what are the next steps to unblock the use of computer modeling and simulation behind research purposes.

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