Avicenna provides feedback to the survey on the pharmaceutical strategy


On 15 September the Avicenna Alliance submitted Member's feedback to the survey on the pharmaceutical strategy! While providing Members' feedback to the Commission's survey on the pharmaceutical strategy, the Alliance has also joined to its response a tailored position paper which has been developed by members of the Avicenna Alliance from medtech, pharmaceutical, software and life science industries and scientific community from academia.

This feedback period was highly important for the Avicenna Alliance as the overall goal of the pharmaceutical strategy initiative is to help ensure EU’s supply of safe and affordable medicines to meet patients’ needs and support the European pharmaceutical industry to remain an innovator and world leader.

This survey was a great opportunity for the Avicenna Alliance to underline the need to better harness technological and scientific developments such as medical technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI). In particular, our contribution aims to enhance the role of computer modelling and simulation (CM&S) in the field of healthcare.

We hope that our contributions will feed into the new Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, scheduled for adoption by the end of the year!

We would like to thank Avicenna Members for their contributions, and more particularly, Voisin Life Sciences Consulting, Quibim, Exploristics, InSilicoTrials, Mediolanum Cardio Research, Altair, AquAs (VPH Institute),Universitat Pompeu Fabra (VPH Institute) and Ansys.

You will find here the Avicenna's response to the survey and here the position paper.

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