Avicenna provides input to the European Parliament Special Committee on Beating Cancer

Early March, the Avicenna Alliance had the opportunity to provide the European Parliament’s Committee on Cancer, with inputs on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cancer field through an online survey. Avicenna members therefore provided a common response to the survey to explain how computer modelling and simulation can revolutionize cancer care in Europe.

The European Parliament’s Committee on Cancer aimed to gather information on how cancer care can be made more resilient in the future against public health threats, through elements such as innovation and new technologies.

In addition, the Committee also aimed to identify each of the obstacles experienced by all stakeholders in the area of cancer care during COVID-19. Given that the pandemic has far-reaching implications for cancer care and services, the received contributions will be used to inform the Committee’s final report on cancer: Strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer - towards a comprehensive and coordinated strategy.

Thanks to the feedback gathered, the Members of the European Parliament will be able to formulate recommendations for the future of cancer management in the event of future possible health crises.

Please have a read through the feedback given by the Avicenna Alliance to European Parliament’s Committee on Cancer

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