EFGCP becomes an institutional member of the Avicenna Alliance!


This month, Avicenna Alliance is delighted to announce that the European Forum For Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP) officially joined the Avicenna Alliance as an institutional member.
Following the first successful meeting between the Avicenna Alliance and EFGCP in Autumn 2016 which showed in how far such a cooperation would be advantageous for both sides, the EFGCP and the Avicenna Alliance agreed to strengthen their mutually beneficial partnership by becoming institutional members of each other’s associations.

In silico medicine has the potential to reduce research costs drastically, improve patient safety through more predictive clinical trials and tailored devices, ultimately delivering significantly improved treatments. It has the potential to move healthcare from exploratory trials in humans to models which confirm what was predicted in silico and avoid adverse reactions. It also has the potential to test scenarios in silico which would be impossible or unethical to test in humans. In this regard, Avicenna Alliance and EFGCP, a European ‘think tank’ on ethics and science in health research committed to promoting the highest standards for Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in Europe and abroad have agreed to commonly work on the concept of ethics and the appropriate use of in silico and will set up a webinar which will be followed by a more in-depth workshop exploring the concept of ethics.

We greatly value this new addition to our membership and look forward to develop a fruitful cooperation exploring ethics in the framework of in silico in the future.

For more information of EFGCP please visit their website.

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