EU-funded project successfully develops AI software that grows and treats cancerous tumors 

The Horizon Europe 2020 project EVO-NANO (Evolvable platform for programmable nanoparticle-based cancer therapies) has published the results of their recent research. The researchers, coming from seven different institutions, developed a platform that grows and treats virtual tumors using artificial intelligence (AI).  

Their software, which they have made open source, allows for nano-particle based drugs to be tested on virtual tumors before being tested in the lab or on patients. Indeed, using this software can allow for personalised cancer care and develop specialised treatments that are both more effective and lower cost than identifying the best treatment plan through trial and error. It could be used to create digital twins of patients, customise nano-particles and provide evidence at every step of development for novel medicines. 

The software has both simple and more complex tumors, and can assess so many parameters regarding the impact of the treatment that researchers can understand more about impact than they typically could even from a patient test. 

Overarchingly, EVO-NANO wants this platform to also be used to develop novel anticancer treatments. Their project will end in March 2022.

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