FDA singles out Avicenna Alliance to form part of EU delegation



Next week of 15 May -18 May, the Avicenna Alliance will have a busy week ahead. The FDA has invited the Avicenna Alliance to visit the FDA for high level talks on the future of regulation of in silico medicine will take place on 15 May. The full invitation letter can be found below. Avicenna Alliance welcomes this collaboration with the FDA and looks forward to the next steps towards effective regulation of the in silico market.

On the agenda of the trip is also a visit to the US Congress and a meeting with Senator Thad Cochran, the current senior United States Senator from Mississippi (the third most-senior Senator and the second most-senior Republican member). The Avicenna delegation will meet with him in order to discuss closer EU-US cooperation in the field of in silico medicine.

Senator Cochran has been a leading figure in promoting the need to modernize existing policy frameworks to take into account the advent of in silico medicine and to ensure its potential for healthcare is realized. A core goal of the Alliance International Working Group is to encourage cross-border Regulatory cooperation on in silico medicine. With a great deal of regulatory work in the pipeline at EU level on modelling and simulation and significant progress already made in the US, the time is now to ensure harmonization and exchange of best practices.

The meeting will focus on an exchange of information and lessons learned at EU and US level on taking the first steps in regulating in silico medicine and how best we can cooperate in the future. Avicenna Alliance members will have the opportunity to put forward their views to high level regulators and policy makers and to provide input on the next steps.

The third major item on the agenda is a conference organised by the The Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) and the FDA have formed a partnership to co-sponsor the 3rd annual BMES/FDA Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference, a meeting for researchers, engineers, clinicians and other professionals in the fields of designing, building and using medical devices.

The Conference theme for the 2017 meeting is Innovations in Modeling and Simulation: Advancing Translational Science. Programming will highlight exemplary applications of computational modeling and simulation from initial disease diagnosis through long-term follow-up and rehabilitation. The Avicenna Alliance will also have the opportunity to present and advertise its activities at the conference.

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