In silico techniques are mentioned in Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe


On 25 November, the European Commission adopted its much-awaited Pharmaceutical strategy for Europe providing a comprehensive and ambitious action plan on pharmaceuticals.

The Members of the Avicenna Alliance were delighted to notice that in silico medicine and CM&S are mentioned by the European Commission its strategy!

This mention is a big victory for the Avicenna Alliance as the Pharmaceutical Strategy outlines Commission’s planned actions and objectives on pharmaceuticals in the next 5 years on its mandate! Such a comprehensive and ambitious initiative on pharmaceuticals has never been published by the European Commission so far.

In the introduction of the Pharmaceutical Strategy, the European Commission explains the potential of the digital transformation of health and mentions in ensuring a new EU approach to pharmaceuticals:

"A new EU approach is needed to ensure we have a strong, fair competitive and green industry that delivers for patients, and which draws on the potential of the digital transformation of health and care, driven by technological advances in fields such as artificial intelligence and computational modelling."

When discussing the uptake of scientific and technical advances, the Commission explains that the implementation of Clinical Trials Regulation will, among other things, contribute to address new technological developments such as the use of in silico techniques and virtual approaches;

"The full implementation of the Clinical Trials Regulation will put in place a harmonised, highly coordinated, robust and agile system for the assessment and oversight of clinical trials in the EU. It will improve transparency of information, independently of the outcome of the trials, to allow public scrutiny and will address new developments such as adaptive and complex trials, and the use of in-silico techniques and virtual approaches. Experience with EU funded R&I projects with adaptive trials shows that research can initiate changes that can reduce costs and decrease development times."

The mention of the words in silico affirms that the Commission is aware of the existence of these techniques used in the context of clinical trials and their potential in generating information (data).

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