Key conclusions of the workshops on common European data spaces


The European Commission’s DG CONNECT published the reports and conclusions of 10 workshops on ‘common European data spaces’ that took place from July to November 2019 in the EU.

The workshops brought together experts mainly from the private and the public sectors to identify the specific challenges in sectors and the commonalities as regards the conditions for the creation of common European Data spaces, which are digital areas with the scale to enable the development of new products and services based on data.

With regard to the health sector, the most notable consensus is the need to make available anonymised health data would enable data sharing for many purposes, including machine learning and development of innovative data based products and services.

Stakeholders agreed that European investments are needed for building the necessary infrastructure for data, more precisely European Cloud Federations for data to federate existing cloud infrastructures scattered across the Member States.

Participants also shared the view that the GDRP is a barrier to health data and that a bigger empowerment of patients is needed in this regard. They called the European Commission to look into the idea of health data donation as this would according to them allow a better access to patients health data. The results of these discussions now support the preparation of the Digital Europe Programme and Connecting Europe Facility 2021-2027 Work Programmes, but also feed into the reflections on future data policy actions of the European Commission.

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