Member of European Parliament Nicola Caputo supports the international cooperation on in silico medicine


MEP Nicola Caputo, from the Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, agreed to sign - along with other representatives of the European Union and the American Government - the request to establish an international cooperation between regulatory agencies on the evaluation of new computer simulation technologies applied to medicine.

In silico medicine uses computer modeling and simulation to support the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It is also useful for the development and the regulatory evaluation of new drugs and medical devices.

On the one hand, therefore, it offers the possibility of generating virtual models of each patient to support medical decision-making and to allow a higher level of therapy customization. On the other hand, it offers the possibility of testing drugs, vaccines and devices on virtual patients, reducing animal testing as well as the time and costs of clinical trials.

An enormous potential on which MEP Caputo, in recent years, has drawn attention and helped develop awareness, in collaboration with the Avicenna Alliance, the Association for Predictive Medicine. For instance, already in 2016, during one of the first events in the European Parliament where in silico medicine was presented to European policymakers, Caputo stated: “We need input from researchers, industry, doctors, patients and stakeholders to ensure that the legal framework fits the purpose”. It is paramount to establish this new legal framework that clearly defines regulations to improve patient’s safety and aims to establish guidelines and good practices for industries and researchers in the field of modeling and simulation.

MEP Caputo’s valuable support has ensured the presence of in silico medicine on European Commission agenda and in calling for a joint work between European and American regulators. But above all, it guaranteed the continued funding for computer modelling and simulation in healthcare, by including this new field in the next Horizon Europe flagship program. In the continuity of his support for in silico medicine, he also committed to progress in this field if re-elected for the next legislative cycle.

Nicola Caputo has been a Member of the European Parliament of the Democratic Party since July 2014 and part of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats:

The Avicenna Alliance operates since 2016 and works with members to implement this Roadmap and identify policy and regulatory obstacles to the enhancement of in silico medicine:

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