The Avicenna Alliance answers the consultation for Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan


On 3 March 2020, the Avicenna Alliance has submitted feedback on the roadmap of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. With this feedback, the Alliance wishes to emphasise the role that computer modelling and simulation can play in the prevention, early detection, diagnosis and knowledge of cancer.

The European Commission officially opened on 4 February 2020, a consultation period of four weeks on its Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan roadmap. Providing feedback to the Roadmap was important as it informs about the specific issues within the cancer field that the EU will aim to tackle, such as knowledge gaps and implementation of best practices, uneven access to preventive measures, treatment and cancer care, unfit healthcare models and skills.

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is a key priority of the European Commission and recognised as essential as it aims to reduce the burden of cancer for patients and families, as well as health systems. The plans' overall objective is to improve EU cancer prevention, detection, treatment and management while reducing health inequalities between and within the European Member States.

This consultation was, therefore, an opportunity for the Avicenna Alliance to provide feedback and possibly have an impact in the drafting of the final European Cancer Plan. The Avicenna Alliance would like to thank in particular Novadiscovery's crucial contribution in stressing the need to use computer modelling and simulation solutions in the fight against cancer!

Please have a read through the feedback given by the Avicenna Alliance to the European Commission.

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