The Avicenna Alliance discussed upcoming activities


Quarter 1 Board Meeting

The Avicenna Alliance board was convened by Secretary General Thierry Marchal on 23 March where board members around the world discussed the activities of the Alliance. They looked back at the work that has been done in the first few months of the year and discussed upcoming activities in 2018. Former Secretary General Adriano Henney was appointed Chairman of the Board and François-Henri Boissel was named the new Treasurer of the Alliance.

Work Plan for 2018

The Avicenna Alliance is looking forward to an exciting year presenting many opportunities to advance Computer Modelling and Simulation. In 2018, the Alliance will focus on three work streams: the improvement of the operational infrastructure of the Avicenna Alliance, the development of Policy White Papers and the further expansion of the Alliance.

Activities of the Working Groups

A lot of the preparatory work for advancing these workstreams has been done behind the scenes. The Policy Working Group is drafting white papers containing specific policy asks to present to policy makers. The Group is also identifying regulatory opportunities to position computer modelling and simulation in the EU legislative framework. The Research Working Group is working with the VPH Institute to promote the need for sustained funding for in silico in the upcoming FP9 and to further develop links between the industry and research membership. The International Working Group is continuing dialogue with international partners including the FDA to strengthen ties with actors across the globe with Asia-Pacific regulators and policy makers on the agenda.

What to watch out for in 2018

  • Ongoing research and the creation of white papers
    All three Working Groups will contribute to creating three Policy White Papers on:

    • V&V 40 EU;
    • Computer Modelling and Simulation in medicinal product lifecycle
    • In silico in society.

  • International conference in the European Parliament
    Right after Summer, the Avicenna Alliance will organise a major event on in silico medicine in Brussels. The event will bring together stakeholders and experts from different parts of the world and will provide the perfect occasion to showcase the collective work of Avicenna members and regulators and identify the gaps in the current legal framework.
  • Increased presence of in silico in policy
    The Alliance will be increasingly active in putting forward positions on key topics such as the upcoming revision of paediatrics and incentives legislation and HPC policy. Over the course of 2018 and beyond, the Alliance will look to have its’ presence more widely felt in policy.

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