The Avicenna Alliance nominated as a member of the European Commission's "eHealth Stakeholder Group"


On 3 February, Thierry Marchal, Secretary-General of the Avicenna Alliance has been informed that the Alliance has been nominated as a member of eHealth Stakeholder Group which provides advice and expertise to the European Commission’s DG for Communication Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT).

This marks a big step for the representation and recognition of the Alliance within the health community and by the European Commission!

From March 2020, Thierry Marchal will be representing the Avicenna Alliance among the stakeholder group with a 3 year mandate.

The Avicenna Alliance will have an enhance availability to understand the state of play and discuss different initiatives and policy dossiers with the European Commission, and more specifically DG CNECT and SANTE. More importantly, the Alliance will be able to provide the Commission with recommendations to move forward on eHealth in the EU!

Congratulations to Thierry Marchal for his successful application!

If you wish to learn more about the eHealth Stakeholders Group, please have a look here

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