The Avicenna Alliance organized its first Avicenna Day 2020 on August 25


The Avicenna Alliance organized its first Avicenna Day 2020 online event on Tuesday August 25!

It was an amazing event with speakers from the FDA, EMA, Notified Bodies, leaders of medical device and pharma companies, academic gurus and CEO of fast growing startups.

The event discussions were framed around recent progress in the different working groups, engagements by Alliance various task forces to initiate or amplify successful collaborations with clinicians, academics, industries, policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders.

The event was a great opportunity for stakeholders to get a quick and comprehensive overview of where we stand with in silico methods and what could be expected in the foreseeable future.

We were grateful to see the presence of more than 100 participants who contributed to the prioritisation of concrete next steps to improve the situation!

We would like to thank all speakers and participants who contributed to the discussions during our first Avicenna Day. The level of participation enabled us to respond to interesting questions regarding in silico methods. For your information, the presentations will be shared soon on our website!

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