The European Commission published a Draft proposal on the European Partnership for Health Innovation

On 29 July the European Commission published a Draft proposal on the European Partnership for Health Innovation, a Horizon Europe programme proposed in the area of “Faster development and safer use of health innovations for European patients, and global health”. 

The Partnership – under the title of “Innovative Health Initiative” (IHI) – has set its sights on advancing science and health tech by translating scientific and technological research into tangible results.

The main objective of IHI is to engage with public sector stakeholders and look to become a multi-sector partnership for health innovation seeking to break the silos between different industries, and between industry and their respective stakeholders.
The platform will aim for:

  • The creation of an EU-wide health Research and Innovation (R&I) ecosystem that facilitates the translation of scientific knowledge into innovations. The aim is generating high-quality, harmonised, reliable, interoperable data.
  • The promotion of effective, people-centred and cost-effective innovations that respond to strategic unmet public health needs, including timely and accurate diagnostics and more personalised therapeutic interventions.
  • Building multidisciplinary transnational networks.
  • The support for the delivery of innovative products services and tools to facilitate the early interception of disease and deliver new precision and personalised care.
  • The creation of the framework for cross-sectoral health innovation, integrating fragmented health R&I efforts across sectors, for a globally competitive European health industry.

The final decision on launching a Partnership will depend on progress in the proposals’ preparation and the formal decisions on European Partnerships which are linked with the adoption of Strategic Plan, work programmes, and legislative procedures, depending on the form. A key precondition is the existence of an agreed Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. A Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is under preparation and its earlier version can be found on the Partnership website.

This is relevant for Avicenna Members as this initiative will provide a collaborative platform for research and innovation where small and big companies can join forces with researchers, patients, healthcare professionals and regulators. This cooperation will help speed up the development and uptake of innovation in public health.

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