The European Commission takes first step on the creation of the European Health Data Space


On 23 December, the European Commission published its inception impact assessment on the European Health Data Space open for feedback until 3 February. The creation of the EHDS announced in early 2020 has been accelerated and has become a priority for the European Commission with the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of having timely access timely to health data.

The launch of this consultation represents the first step in the creation of a new regulatory framework on health data that has been awaited by health stakeholders. With a massive mobilisation of digital health-related services over the past year, the importance of sharing health data is high.

The establishment of the European Health Data Space is expected to have a significant effect on the developments of innovations in health business. Among other things, the Commission wants to push for innovations increasing the cost-effectiveness for patients and healthcare systems, optimising treatment options, facilitating personalised medicine and improving the monitoring of medicinal products and medical devices effectiveness and safety.

The increase of researchers’ capability to access health data, both at national and trans-national level is also a desired outcome of the European Health Data Space . A special focus is therefore paid on ensuring an easier access to the secondary use of health data while respecting the EU data protection rules (GDPR).

This initiative is a great opportunity for the Avicenna Alliance to put forward solutions aiming to support the development of in silico technologies in healthcare!

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