The priorities of the upcoming French Presidency of the Council of the European Union - what’s new for Avicenna? 

The French Presidency of the Council of the European Union is due to start on 1 January. On 9 December, Emmanuel Macron gave a press conference highlighting some of the priorities for the presidency. 

Overall, the priorities set out by Emmanuel Macron were already known. He simply specified in a more formal way the main lines of work of the French Presidency and detailed the areas of work, including: 

  • A new growth and investment model for the EU and the Eurozone. 

  • European values, with instruments to protect our democracies.  

  • Youth, with the enlargement of the Erasmus programmes for education and training. 

  • Culture, with a "European Academy" bringing together a hundred or so intellectuals from the 27 countries and from all disciplines to inform the European debate. 

  • Health, with a real common research agency and major research plans. 

He particularly insisted on the need for an independent, autonomous and united Europe. Digital, social and ecological transition are the three strong axes that emerged from Macron's speech. Indeed, he underlined the need to make Europe a digital power and continue to develop digital players by supporting innovation and growth. Digital health was mentioned here as an example of an area where Europe can be a power, highlighting that this presidency will be an opportunity to continue to engage with policy developments that can support in silico medicine. It particularly presents opportunities in the upcoming Data Governance Act, as well as the prioritised Digital Services and Digital Market Acts

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