What should the new European Health Authority look like? Avicenna shared its feedback with the European Commission


On 24 February, the Avicenna Alliance has submitted its feedback on the creation of a European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA) aiming to ensure a solid framework for EU preparedness and response to serious cross-border health threats.

Through these comments, Avicenna members provided the Commission with guidance on how the creation of this new authority can support in silico medicine and seize the benefits offered by in silico techniques in health care.

In a nutshell, the members of the Avicenna Alliance from MedTech, Pharmaceutical, digital and life science industries as well as from the in silico medicine academic community and healthcare organisations call on the European Commission to:

  • Provide the necessary data infrastructure to seize the benefits offered by in silico methodologies and application so we better understand epidemics;
  • Develop regulatory guidance and harmonised common EU standards on ‘Good Simulation Practice’ to ensure the robust quality and working of computer models in healthcare;
  • further encourage the use of in silico trials through the development of a common patient-specific models database, to form virtual cohorts for testing the safety, efficacy or performance of new preventive strategies, medicines and of medical devices;
  • use of CM&S when validating or guiding scalable manufacturing capacities and hereby enable rapid development of the medicines and vaccines manufacturing process from the pilot to manufacturing scale;
  • Invest in biomedical engineering, and new in silico technologies - such as AI, complex mechanistic and hypothesis driven models or hybrid techniques - to advance treatments;
  • Support development and training programmes for the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors.

We would like to warmly thank our colleagues from Boston Scientific, Novadiscovery, Medtronic, Ansys, Mediolanum Cardio Research, Quibim and Voisin Consulting Life Sciences for their work in preparing this feedback to the European Commission!

Please have a read through the feedback on the HERA given by the Avicenna Alliance to the European Commission.

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