The Avicenna Alliance is the 1 stop shop for all things in silico and health policy at EU level. Industries and research organisations who are impacted by EU policy in these areas should consider membership of the association. 

Avicenna Alliance Members


Medtronic is a global healthcare solutions company committed to improving the lives of people through its medical technologies, services, and solutions.

During the six decades of Medtronic’s existence, its Mission has remained the same: to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life for people around the world. Medtronic has worked hard to be at the forefront of medical device innovation, challenging itself to develop high-quality therapies that positively impact people’s lives.

Medtronic has accomplished a lot — today more than 62 million people benefit from the company’s technologies each year, equating to two people every second. But, Medtronic also knows that it participates in global healthcare systems that are facing intense clinical and economic challenges. If not corrected, these issues may serve to undermine global growth and development and leave millions around the world untreated — for even the simplest diseases. Medtronic believes that what got it to the current state of healthcare is not necessarily what will propel it forward. The future of healthcare requires new approaches and new forms of innovation.

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ANSYS' sole focus is engineering simulation. For more than 45 years, it has consistently advanced this technology to meet evolving customer needs.

ANSYS develops, markets and supports engineering simulation software used to predict how product designs will behave in real-world environments. ANSYS continually advances simulation solutions by

  • Developing or acquiring the very best technologies
  • Integrating them into a unified simulation platform capable of complex, multiphysics solutions

Providing system services, including high-performance computing (HPC) and Cloud solutions, to manage simulation processes and data.

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QUIBIM S.L. was created in late 2012 as an initiative from a group of doctors in biomedical engineering and a Key Opinion Leader in radiology with a recognized international scientific career.

QUIBIM is a reference core lab in imaging biomarkers extraction and analysis, born as a spin-off of La Fe Health Research Institute in Valencia (Spain), the renowned research institute of La Fe Polytechnics and University Hospital.

QUIBIM applies advanced computational models to radiological images to objectively measure changes produced by a lesion or by a pharmacological treatment, offering additional quantitative information to the qualitative approach of radiology.

The company provides state of the art solutions for early diagnosis, lesion grading-phenotyping-staging, treatment selection/follow-up, in addition to the validation against clinical endpoints.

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Johnson & Johnson

As a major player in three market segments and with a focus on the full continuum of care – prevention, diagnosis and treatment – Johnson & Johnson competes in fully one-third of the global health care marketplace. Its breadth helps drive consistent performance and enables the company to pursue growth opportunities – including in some of the fastest growing segments of health care – wherever they arise. It allows Johnson & Johnson to respond to purchasing trends with governments and large customers. Perhaps more important, it allows the company to think about patient care holistically, drawing on insights from multiple perspectives in a disease category. In the end, being broadly based allows it to stay true to its Credo in the face of an ever-evolving health care environment.

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InsilicoTrials Technologies

InSilicoTrials is the first cloud-based platform that provides healthcare companies and researchers with easy-to-use tools to perform computational modelling and simulation in pharmaceutical and medical devices development.

InsilicoTrials Technologies has been set up by experts in the fields of IT, Clinical Research and Business Information Systems with the aim of offering its customers innovative solutions and advice specializing in the Management of Clinical Trials Information Systems applied to Clinical Research. The experience provided by the company consultants is the result of decades of collaboration with Head Physicians and Companies/Institutions of the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Clinical Research sectors.

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Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific is a leading innovator of less invasive medical solutions that transform lives around the world who is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.

Boston Scientific is fulfilling its brand promise by focusing on solutions that matter most, pursuing excellence and collaborating with healthcare professionals.

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In silico medicine that works

A pioneer in in silico, NOVADISCOVERY offers a transformative approach to drug R&D based on a reverse engineering methodology combining mathematical models of diseases, drugs and virtual patients which enables the assessment of downstream clinical benefit for patients long before trials on humans.

From a technology standpoint, NOVADISCOVERY has developed a full white box ecosystem, called WISEÆ ("Whitebox In Silico Engine"), to streamline its workflows.

We help our partners de-risk their drug programs by analyzing the impact of critical decisions in terms of clinical benefit, optimize the design of in vitro/in vivo assays and reduce time & costs through a cheaper & faster exploration of key assumptions.

Based in Lyon, France, NOVADISCOVERY brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts dedicated to shifting away from the traditional R&D paradigm, characterized by serendipity and costly trial and error, towards a rational patient outcomes-centric model driven by mathematics and computational sciences.

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Cipla is a global pharmaceutical company which uses cutting edge technology and innovation to meet the everyday needs of all patients. In the last 80+ years, Cipla has emerged as one of the most respected pharmaceutical names in India as well as across more than 80 countries. Their portfolio includes over 1500 products across wide range of therapeutic categories with one quality standard globally.

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ASME is a not-for-profit membership organisation that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, career enrichment, and skills development across all engineering disciplines, toward a goal of helping the global engineering community develop solutions to benefit lives and livelihoods.

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Optimo Medical AG

Optimo Medical AG is a young and innovative Swiss-based European med-tech company with a passion for eye care. The company is dedicated to design, develop, produce and distribute products and applications helping ophthalmologists, surgeons and eye care professionals to more accurately predict each individual outcome of laser eye surgery. 

Optimo Medical and its product OptimeyesTM enable eye surgeons to simulate and evaluate each patient-specific cataract surgery preoperatively. The surgeon conducts a virtual clinical simulation before the operation based on each individual patient’s corneal measurements. This allows him/her to know exactly where to operate to give the best post-cataract surgery result and eliminate blurred vision.

By providing surgeons with a precise solution that considerably outperforms existing procedures, eye care professionals and patients can be confident that their surgery will result in the best visual outcome to minimize and manage astigmatism.

The combination of many years of experience in soft-tissue biomechanics and in-silico finite element simulation technology  makes Optimo Medical a leader in biomechanical simulations of ocular tissue.

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FEops’ mission is to create unique, predictive, personalized computational modeling and simulation solutions for structural heart interventions that empower medical device manufacturers to bring superior products faster to the market and enable physicians to improve clinical outcomes.

As a developer of advanced computational modeling and simulation technology, FEops is a central player in the structural heart ecosystem. Our tools unite medical device manufacturers, medical imaging companies and physicians to improve structural heart interventions across the value chain.

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Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS)

Voisin Consulting Life Sciences is a global product development consultancy, which guides Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medtech manufacturers throughout product development and commercialization. From discovery to patients, VCLS assists innovators to design product development strategies that optimize clinical development in order to drive commercial success, through an understanding of both regulators and payers.

VCLS’s team of health product specialists seamlessly supplement innovative life sciences companies’ resources with strategic advice and cross-functional operational capabilities. The firm offers integrated solutions to development planning, manufacturing, quality and controls, nonclinical and clinical testing, safety monitoring, and interactions with regulators and payers. With offices in Cambridge, Somerville and San Francisco (MA, CA & NJ, USA), London (UK), Paris and Rennes (France), Lausanne (Switzerland) and Bangalore (India), VCLS serves a broad range of developers and investors.

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ELEM harnesses Virtual Humans and supercomputers to transform patient data (scans, biomedical information, etc.) into unparalleled medical insights. Our medical software solutions model diseases and patient anatomy to predict treatment outcomes and improve human health. 

Enabling better treatments, devices or drugs, faster, with improved outcomes for patients and reducing risks, biomedical industries can now conduct, seamlessly, thousands of in-silico experiments and assess multiple patient responses before human trials. 

ELEM is a spin-off from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and mentorship from EIT Health (Validator), Oracle (OSCA) and SETSquared in Bristol.

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Based in Belfast, Exploristics provide world-class analytics through specialised software products and services to pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.

Exploristics are the developers of KerusCloud, a cloud-based statistical modelling and simulation software platform that increases the likelihood of success of drug development through better pipeline strategy and improved clinical trial design. Creating virtual patient populations with assumptions obtained from literature or historical data, KerusCloud helps to reduce the length, size and costs of a trial by finding the optimal study design to meet scientific objectives.

Exploristics also offer statistical consultancy services covering strategic decision making, study design and reporting, amongst other analytical and quality related services.

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Virtonomy is shortening time-to-market of medical products by conducting data driven studies on virtual patients. Our solution is based on an ever-expanding database to reflect anatomical variability, demographic diversity and pathological conditions.

We support medical device manufacturers in the various phases of the product life cycle, from concept phase, over pre-clinical evaluation to post-market surveillance: better understand the target anatomy, find the optimal fit of the device to treat the maximum number of patients, identify the right in-vivo model, and improve clinical trials by proper sub-population selection.

Virtonomy is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and combines an interdisciplinary team of experts in medical engineering, image and data processing, visualization and clinical practice.

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Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes is a global leader in sustainability. Our purpose is to provide business and people with 3DEXPERIENCE universes where they can imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing product, nature, and life. 

The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is the first end-to-end scientific and business platform, connecting the dots between people, ideas and data; combining modeling, simulation, data science, artificial intelligence and collaboration in the virtual world to achieve sustainable innovation for life sciences companies catalyzing the next generation of patient-inclusive therapeutics.

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CADFEM medical

CADFEM Medical is a certified manufacturer of software “as a medical device” and offers the innovative simulation platform called docq, which enables manufacturers of medical devices, doctors and medical staff themselves to use simulation for a better and safer patient care.

The CADFEM Medical team also dedicates its consulting services to the application of simulation in the approval process of medical devices and has extensive regulatory know-how in this field of application.

Due to the extensive activities in research, CADFEM Medical is constantly working on new application of simulation in medicine and medical technology and develops these further as products in cooperation with renowned manufacturers.

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Digital Orthopaedics

Currently, orthopedic surgeons and doctors have no reliable approach to analyze foot and ankle pathologies and evaluate the chances of success of treatment options.

Digital Orthopaedics’ platform 3DOXpert dramatically transforms and improves patient treatment and outcome thanks to a series of services.

3DOXpert is the ideal companion for specialists who are less familiar with foot and ankle interventions. It will guide them towards the best results thanks to simulation, digital twin technology and artificial intelligence.

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Mediolanum Cardio Research

Mediolanum Cardio Research (MCR) Srl is an independent Contract Research Organisation (CRO) established in Milano (Italy) since 2002 MCR have gained extensive experience in regulatory authorizations and reporting, project management, monitoring, data management and statistics for sponsored and no-profit clinical trials both pharmacological and Medical Devices.

MCR has also internally developed an electronic CRF (called IDAS), compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11 and GDPR. In addition, MCR has an internal Core-lab specialised in QCA readings.

MCR is proud to be partner of the Horizon 2020 InSilc project (In-silico trials for drug-eluting BVS design, development and evaluation. Project 777119). One of MCR tasks is to identify and elaborate on the regulatory aspects which have to be fulfilled in order to have in silico trials accepted as part of the clinical assessment of new coronary stents. The adoption of modelling and simulations entails ethical issues and methodological constraints: being member of the Avicenna Alliance could provide an exceptional opportunity to gain and to provide contribution to the development of guidelines for a proper adoption of in-silico clinical trials.

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Servier is an international pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation, with its headquarters in France (Suresnes). With a strong international presence in 149 countries and a total revenue of 4.6 billion euros in 2019, Servier employs 22 000 people worldwide. Entirely independent, the Group reinvests on average 25% of its turnover (excluding generics) every year in research and development and uses all its profits for development. Corporate growth is driven by Servier’s constant search for innovation in five areas of excellence: cardiovascular, immune-inflammatory, and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and diabetes, as well as by its activities in high-quality generic drugs. Servier also offers eHealth solutions beyond drug development.

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VPH Institute

The Virtual Physiological Human Institute for Integrative Biomedical Research, in short VPH Institute, is an international non-profit organisation incorporated in Belgium, whose mission is to ensure that the Virtual Physiological Human is fully realised, universally adopted, and effectively used both in research and clinic.

Since its establishment the VPH Institute has been collaborating with the community and the European Commission on different initiatives. In particular it contributed to the support action Discipulus, and it is now partners of Avicenna.

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