7th Feb Webinar on Practical Examples of CM&S in 21st Century Healthcare

The Avicenna Alliance actively promotes the need for computer modelling and simulation to be incorporated into healthcare to reduce costs, improve efficacy of products and redesign our notions of patient safety. What’s the best way to demonstrate this need? By showing examples of what has already been done! Join the Avicenna Alliance and the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP) on 07 February for Part 2 of our 3 Part Webinar series on computer modelling and simulation.

Our 2nd webinar will focus on Practical Examples of Computer Modelling and Simulation to give you an idea of what can be accomplished with CM&S and how this field is pushing the boundaries of what we know to be modern in medicine.

Just a few of our speakers include:

  • Yoram Vodovotz, University of Pitsburgh, Sepsis
  • Claudio Cobelli, University of Padova, Type 1 Diabetes Simulator
  • Jose Pinheiro, Johnson & Johnson, Model-based drug approval in Type 2 Diabetes: a case study

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