Avicenna Alliance’s Secretary General to speak at Materialise World Summit 2017

On the 20 and 21 April 2017 the Materialise World Summit (MWS) will take place, a two-day event which brings together stakeholders from various businesses and industries to discuss the progress of technology in the area of healthcare, industrial and technological businesses.

Among the many top-level invited speakers at the summit will also be Avicenna Alliance’s Secretary General Dr. Adriano Henney who will provide a perspective on predictive medicine and its possible impact on healthcare, which is under pressure through a combination of the prevalence of chronic, complex multifactorial diseases in the over 65-year-olds and current therapies’ limited success, with a consequent exponential increase in costs.

In order to use predictive medicine in the best way and for the industry to become more innovative and cut its R&D costs, Dr. Henney will argue that four features will be of crucial importance: a comprehensive understanding of how the human body works at the molecular level, a much better grasp of the pathophysiology of disease, greater use of new technologies to “virtualise” the research process and accelerate clinical development as well as greater collaboration between industry, academia, regulators, governments and healthcare providers.

Since the goal of the Materialise Summit is to address the challenges and opportunities that open up in this new digital era for different industries, this conference will also be an ideal platform for the Alliance’s Secretary General to present the Avicenna Alliance and its plans to bring these communities together to address these major challenges.

With the previous edition of the World Summit heralded as a great success, offering participants cutting edge information helping to generate new insights, this year’s summit is anticipated to have a similar impact. This year, the main topics will revolve around pushing the boundaries of 3D Printing with innovative partnerships, creating traceable industrial-grade products for any industry with Certified Additive Manufacturing, taking full control of Additive Manufacturing processes, translating computational modelling to patient care and reimagining healthcare with the help of 3D technology.