Cipla brings India perspectives on In Silico to Brussels


New Avicenna Member company Cipla shared some key insights on India’s perspective of In Silico medicine during a visit to Brussels in April. Mr. Nandan Kulkarni, Associate Director representing the company, used this opportunity to meet with representatives of the Avicenna Alliance to discuss Computer Modelling and Simulation in India and the European Union (EU).

Mr. Kulkarni met with the Secretary General, the Director of the VPH Institute and the Avicenna Secretariat to exchange views and discuss the activities of the Avicenna Alliance. Moreover, Mr. Kulkarni and Avicenna Secretary General Mr. Thierry Marchal attended meetings with policy makers to explore opportunities in the in-silico medicine space and explore the role of the Avicenna Alliance in this regard.

About Cipla

Cipla is the first Avicenna member in the Asia-Pacific region and helps to expand the Alliance’s presence in Asia. It is a global pharmaceutical company based in India and active in more than 80 countries. As a company that cares about ensuring the safety and affordability of its products for patients, Cipla is highly interested in Computer Modelling and Simulation in relation to health. Together with Cipla, the Alliance is trying to facilitate the link between the EU and India in relation to In Silico medicine.

India-EU Cooperation

Last year, the European Union and India celebrated 55 years of diplomatic relations. EU-India cooperation now spans many areas, including research and innovation. India is a growing market constantly looking for new ways to innovate and make use of new technologies and therefore cooperation on Modelling and Simulation has many benefits for both the EU and India.