European Strategy for High Performance Computing


On the 17 June, the European Commission published a presentation explaining why they indicated High Performance Computing (HPC) as a priority area for investments, and showing some concrete examples. The document notably mentions personalised healthcare and medicines discovery among the top applications, and refers to the concept of digital twins, even if related to the transport sector. This shows that the European Commission is gradually opening to the advocating messages brought forward by the Alliance and its Members.

Launched in November 2018, the EuroHPC JU is a joint initiative between the European Union and other European countries aiming at developing a supercomputing ecosystem in Europe. Therefore, the build-up of top-of-the-range machines will support researchers, the industry and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to acquire the skills and knowledge to make use of high-level innovation.

The goals of the EuroHPC JU are:

  • To build and provide a world-class pre-exascale supercomputing infrastructure to match demanding application requirements of European academia and industry;
  • To support the development of supercomputing technology in first generation and in co-designing machines;
  • To foster applications and skills development and a wider use of high-performance computing.