Health Tech Industry roundtable meeting discussed EU Digital Health Agenda


On 15 October, a high-level roundtable meeting, organised by European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel and European Commission Director-General for Communications Networks (DG CNECT), bringing together public and private representatives of the European Health Tech Industry took place in Brussels. The invitees exchanged views on the vision for the future and the digital transformation of health and care, outlined in the Commission’s strategy "Enabling the Digital Transformation of Health and Care the Digital Single Market", to which they can contribute.


In particular, the participants coming from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology as well as other organisations related to the health sector, addressed the challenges and opportunities of interoperability. In this regard, they shared their views on the Commission's plans for its forthcoming Recommendation to set out a Format for an Electronic Health Record Exchange accessible to all Europeans.

Interestingly, participants also discussed key technologies like artificial intelligence and high performance computing and their potential to help designing new healthcare products, provide faster diagnosis and better treatments.

Key points

  • Need for digital solution – Participants agreed that market fragmentation, the lack of interoperability across health systems and the slow and unharmonized uptake of digital solutions across Member States and regions hampers the digital transformation of health in the EU.
  • Commitment for cooperation – Business and organisations committed themselves to work further together to make sure that Europe does not lag behind on connectivity, digital infrastructures, research and ultimately, digital health and care to the benefit of citizens.
  • Commission’s coordination role – In order to continue to work with all the stakeholders on diverse issues, including supercomputing and artificial Intelligence, to achieve the digital transformation of health and care systems.


On 25 April, the Commission adopted a Communication on the "Enabling the Digital Transformation of Health and Care the Digital Single Market". The Commission intends to take further action in three areas:

  • Citizens' secure access to and sharing of health data across borders;
  • Better data to advance research, disease prevention and personalised health and care;
  • Digital tools for citizen empowerment and person-centred care.