Meetings at US Senate Buildings


In the week of 15-18 May 2017 the Avicenna Alliance was in Washington DC, following an invitation by the FDA and by the staff of Senator T. Cochran to discuss the role of in silico medicine.
The Delegation consisted of Avicenna Alliance Members, an EMA Representative, FDA Representatives, US-Avicenna Contacts, US Senate Staff and the RPP Group.

On the agenda of the third day of the US trip to Washington was the visit to the US Congress and a meeting with Senator Thad Cochran, the current senior United States Senator from Mississippi (the third most-senior Senator and the second most-senior Republican member). The Avicenna delegation met with him in order to discuss closer EU-US cooperation in the field of in silico medicine.

Senator Cochran has been a leading figure in promoting the need to modernize existing policy frameworks to take into account the advent of in silico medicine and to ensure its potential for healthcare is realized. A core goal of the Alliance’s International Affairs Working Group is to encourage cross-border Regulatory cooperation on in silico medicine. With a great deal of regulatory work in the pipeline at EU level on modelling and simulation and significant progress already made in the US, the time is now to ensure harmonization and exchange of best practices.

The Avicenna Alliance was thus welcomed by the Senator and his staff and had the opportunity to explain the potential brought by in silico medicine and its opportunity to make medicine both more affordable and more impactful. The Avicenna Alliance delegation was pleasantly surprised by the attention and the interest of the Senator and his staff and their desire to help scientists and industrial actors in this crucial journey and to see the need for a transatlantic and global cooperation to better protect and benefit patients.

The key outcomes from this meeting was the promoted need to fund FDA Modeling and Simulation, the agreement with Senate Staff to exchange information on health activities between Avicenna and Senate offices as well as the possibility for Senate Staff to form part of the US Delegation to the EU/Asia in future years.