VPH institute – Drives In Silico technology to the clinic


The VPH institute is an open community of scientists and clinicians focused on the development and uptake of computer modeling & simulation in healthcare. It is not just a scientific society as it involves a wide range of external stakeholders, such as industry and policy representatives, and federal agency employees that collaborate with the VPH Institute to advance the field of predictive medicine and make sure that in silico technology can make it to the clinic.

In silico medicine has the potential to revolutionise the future of healthcare. That is the reason why the VPH institute brings scientists and clinicians from the US and the EU together to further advance this potentially lifesaving technique.

Being a member of the VPH institute allows for the participation in a network of researchers to share ideas and work towards a common goal. The members are committed to making a real difference in the field of healthcare, and not just to publishing new scientific articles. The members joined the VPH Institute to become a part of an organisation that is working diligently to develop the use of in silico medicine and provide new and effective ways to treat diseases.

Watch the video and hear some of the members of the VPH institute talk about the benefits of being a part of this adventure!

Further information can be found here: www.vph-institute.org.